UFO Videos Declassified

Donovan Knight @ 2020-04-30 09:07:20 -0700

If 2020 wasn’t already strange enough, the pentagon just declassified three UFO videos. All three videos were captured by US Navy aircraft with one video dating back to November 2004 and the others in January 2015. These videos have previously been leaked, but up until Monday (4/27/20), the authenticity of the videos was unconfirmed by the government.

In the declassification documents, the government refers to the videos as “unidentified aerial phenomena”. It’s unclear if they are deliberately trying to rebrand away from an “unidentified flying object” for any particular reason, but at least the authenticity of the videos has now been confirmed by the Pentagon, as well as the pilots.

Retired navy commander, David Fravor who was one of the pilots that captured the UFO footage, recently sat down with Joe Rogan on episode #1361 to discuss this encounter. It was a fascinating discussion. In the interview, Fravor goes into detail about how the object that he saw completely defied all laws of physics by being able to change speed and altitude at an incredible rate. Fravor describes the UFO as a 40-foot long tic tac shaped object with no wings. He also mentioned how the US Navy had been briefing pilots on UFO’s showing up on radars off of the US west coast and to be on the lookout. I was particularly interested in this podcast having witnessed something similar myself.

My UFO sighting happened around 2006 in Los Angeles. It was truly a mind-blowing thing to witness, and thankfully one of my friends also witnessed it with me. We were laying in a hammock on the roof deck of a house in Hermosa Beach, California at the time of the sighting. It was a weekend night and our friends just left to go to a party. My friend and I decided to stay back, so it was just the two of us on the roof deck at the time of the sighting. We were both laying in a hammock with different views of the sky when I saw what appeared to be a shooting star. I got very excited and quickly said: “LOOK, LOOK, LOOK A SHOOTING STAR!!” That usually doesn’t work, but in this case, she was actually able to locate the “shooting star” as well. A split second later, we both noticed that it was not one, but two shooting stars traveling side by side. It was the most spectacular thing to see because both stars shot across the entire night sky leaving a typical trail of light behind them. I was totally in awe that both of the stars stayed lit for so long as they both blasted crossed the night sky. I kept expecting them to burn out at any second, like a normal shooting star, but they kept going. As they approached the horizon, both objects stopped on a dime and just hovered over the ocean. A few seconds later both objects shot across the entire sky at shooting star speeds in a completely different direction. Because of their lightning-fast speed, I knew were witnessing something that was unexplainable. I instantly had the same feeling of complete vulnerability that usually hits me directly after an earthquake, but this was far more intense. My friend didn’t know what to think either and quickly said: “wait, can shooting stars change directions like that”. I was so relieved to hear her say that just to know that we saw the same thing and that I wasn’t losing my mind.

This sighting has always been one of those things that I haven’t shared with very many people just because of how difficult it is to use words to recreate the intensity of the experience. It’s truly impossible to explain the feeling that you get from seeing something otherworldly like this. It made me feel so tiny, but at the same time, I also felt so informed. The confirmation that there is something of such significance happening in the sky that we don’t know about really snaps things into a new perspective on a totally different level.

Next time you are in a dark place, make sure to look up! You never know what you will see.