Treasure Chest Discovery

Matt MacK @ 2020-06-09 11:53:05 -0700

2020 has yielded yet another surprise. Adding to a long list of momentous global events, this discovery actually has a happy ending! Unless you’re a member of the Goonies. Or one of 350,000 other humans who previously attempted to uncover a coveted hidden treasure chest planted by the legendary Forrest Fenn.


Fenn is an 89-year old author and artifacts dealer living in Santa Fe, New Mexico. A decade ago, he decided to instill the spirit of adventure within anyone bold enough to channel their inner crusader. Heading deep into the Rocky Mountains, Fenn hid a 13th-century treasure chest with 20 pounds of gems, gold, and jewelry.

In a memoir, Fenn wrote, he provided clues referencing the location of the chest. Particularly notable is a line written as “somewhere in the mountains north of Santa Fe…under a canopy of stars in the lush vegetation of the Rocky Mountains.”

Valued at roughly $1 – $2 million, the contents of this enigmatic chest were discovered as recently as last week. At least this is what Fenn is alleging. By failing to disclose its location and the name of the lucky thrill seeker, the mystery continues to cloud this fascinating discovery.


2020 is a trip yo.

Bronson @ 2020-06-29 14:52:55 -0700