Tekashi 69 is Back To Breaking the Internet

Donovan Knight @ 2020-05-08 15:59:14 -0700

Were you one of the 2M people who tuned into @6ix9ine on IG live today? It was his first time using IG since being released from prison on 4/2/20. He used the live stream to address his fans and also promote a new track titled, Gooba. 

Per usual, Tekashi 69 nailed the live stream from a marketing standpoint and of course, broke the live stream live record which was previously held by Drake and Torey LAnez with 300k viewers. 

While addressing his fans, he explained what happened and why. To paraphrase, Tekashi asked who broke the "street code" first? He went on to say that while he was out making money for his team on the road, he found out that his team was back at home stealing from him, hooking up with his girl and they eventually beat him up and robbed him. He asked why he should be loyal to people who are like that and admitted that he cooperated with authorities to avoid, what was looking like, a lifetime behind bars. Below is the live stream if you want to watch it.