LSD "Off Switch"

Matt MacK @ 2020-05-20 18:20:40 -0700

Have you ever passed up on a chance to take LSD out of fear? Was it the fear of potentially having to experience a “bad trip” 12+ hours? If yes, you certainly aren’t alone. Negative stigmas have surrounded psychedelics for decades, but a new scientific discovery could help offset the stigma. Scientists believe they have found a way to end an LSD trip.  

MindMed has partnered with the prestigious Swiss University Hospital, Basel’s Liechti Laboratory, to file a patent for their discovery of a psychedelic-based technology that will neutralize the effects of an LSD trip. The intent of this LSD “off switch” is to strengthen its effectiveness when used by therapists to treat patients, specifically with anxiety or ADHD. The availability of an “off switch” will provide a mental safety net for patients if they are hesitant about experiencing LSD. Therapists and other licensed medical officials will be able to quickly resolve the onset of a bad trip if one does arise. 

Liechti Laboratory discovered that LSD dosed effectively increases emotion processing. Specifically, it generates feelings of unity and trust, while blocking negative emotions such as fear and sadness. 

MindMed also continues to expand its volume of psychedelic compound treatments and pledges to turn over their discoveries and patents to the public. They are doing so in the name of innovation. This research has the potential to significantly help individuals and advance humanity.