From a "Gateway Drug" to an "Essential Business"

Donovan Knight @ 2020-04-21 22:57:27 -0700

If we are being honest with ourselves, this could only mean one of two things. Either we have an extremely naive government or an extremely manipulative government.

For 81 years, we were repeatedly reminded, over and over and over and over, how devilish and dangerous cannabis is. We were taught that it was a gateway drug and that it led to rape and violence. Millions of lives were destroyed because of this false narrative due to massive levels of cannabis incarceration.

Because of the prison industrial complex, cannabis provided the system with a lot of cheap labor. It’s not surprising that one of the biggest lobbying groups against cannabis legalization was paid for by private prisons. This is a subject that we will dive deeper into in a future article.

Regardless of whether or not our government is naive or manipulative, this should be disturbing to us. For some reason though, we as a society don’t seem to have the patience or discipline to hold our “leaders” accountable anymore.

The entire cannabis community should be extremely proud of its accomplishments in getting the cannabis plant reclassified from a schedule 1 narcotic to an essential industry. This shows that we the people can make changes in government and that we need to continue demanding what’s right for the people of the world. We won’t stop until it is legalized on a federal level and all marijuana convictions are expunged.