Enough is Enough!

Donovan Knight @ 2020-06-29 19:11:11 -0700

Locking somebody in a cage for consuming a plant that creates happiness and relaxation should be a crime against humanity! It’s disturbing to me that this is still a discussion in 2020. It should really freak us out how insane the history of the cannabis prohibition really is. It’s 100% delusional, race based, propaganda that is outright embarrassing to watch - yet it is still the foundation of a federal law that remains on the books today.. These laws have destroyed countless lives and shattered just as many families. If you aren't familiar with the early days of the prohibition, check out the short video below. 

Cannabis being illegal is very simply a way to keep prisons full and the prison industrial complex humming. It’s a massive business with evidence of tremendous corruption and racial injustice. This is just one of many things that needs an immediate resolution. 

If you aren't up to speed with the prison industrial complex, check out the video below. Its from 2017, but still relevant. We will also be releasing an in-depth interview that we did on this very subject six years ago. That interview was never released, but it really needs to be, so we will post that interview as soon as possible! We also have a few other ideas on how to help end this demand cannabis reform which we will be posting on Instagram very soon.