Could Cannabis Help Defeat Covid-19?

Matt MacK @ 2020-05-21 18:41:10 -0700

Canadian scientists at the University of Lethbridge in Alberta have conducted preliminary studies on the correlation between cannabis and its ability to mitigate the spread and infection of coronavirus. Much to the delight of weed smokers everywhere, these scientists recently went ahead and submitted their research online.

Focusing on hundreds of cannabis strains currently grown and legally sold under Health Canada, they discovered 13 strains effective at providing increased resistance. Most of these strains are sativa-based, containing large amounts of CBD. This was the key ingredient linked to shielding vulnerable areas of our body from contracting COVID-19, particularly in our mouth, lungs, and intestines.

The data is very attractive. It indicates that consuming CBD from these identified sativa strains can minimize your risk of contracting the virus by up to 73 percent. This is an overwhelmingly positive number!

There is hope amongst the scientific community that this study will pass peer-review and proceed to clinical trials with humans. The current data submitted was performed on artificial 3D structures designed to mirror human biology. It’s fascinating to think of modern scientists being able to build an artificial human structure to aid in our own resistance to COVID-19. 

It should be noted that cannabis isn’t being suggested as a vaccine in this study. Rather, it’s an effective preventative measure that will resist and fight the spread of coronavirus while a permanent vaccine is developed. As it turns out, if you have been smoking weed during the quarantine, you might have also been strengthening your covid-19 defense.